We are excited to have all our students back in school end of August 2020 for AY 2020-2021. We would like to thank you all for the great support and dedication you have all shown during the previous semester while we were in full time distance learning.

We herewith share our model of opening for the 1st Semester of AY 2020-2021 based on MoE and ADEK’s reopening guidelines and regulations.

Emirates National Schools will welcome back students for the next semester following a Hybrid Model for students in grades 1 to 12 and a Full Model for students in KG1 & 2.

Please refer to the below for more details.

Pre-KG :
ENS will not offer Pre-KG until a further notice.

KG1 & KG2 :
ENS will offer a Full Day schedule for all students in Kindergarten. KG students will meet daily from Sunday through Wednesday with Thursday being Distance Learning.

  • KG1 return date: Monday 31 August 2020
  • KG2 return date: Monday 7 September 2020

Grades 1 to 12 :
ENS will offer a Hybrid Learning Model for grades 1 to 12 using a 2-day rotation approach with 50% of the students being in class each day and rotating classes every 2 days.

Classes will meet Sunday through Wednesday; and Thursdays will be Distance Learning. (More information will be shared in the coming weeks)

  • Grade 1- 12 return date: August 30

The school day, for all students k -12, will be from 07:30 to 13:00 daily, taking into consideration social distancing when students are leaving. (Thursdays are Distance Learning Days).

We are currently working with our transportation and catering service providers on a plan to better serve our students, taking into consideration all Health & Safety regulations.

Further details on our student services will be shared with all families in the coming few weeks.

All social distancing requirements, as per the MoE requirements, for students and staff will be strictly implemented in all campuses and premised of Emirates National Schools.
Main considerations & regulations:

  • All students, teachers & staff will have to wear a mask during school day or whenever they enter the school building.
    *If your child is unable to wear a mask for a medical reason, please inform the management of your campus for further assistance.
  • Students will be allowed to take off their masks only while having lunch/snacks under supervision.
  • All classrooms at ENS will have sanitizing wipes/sanitizers and covered bins to maintain proper hygiene.
  • All toilets and high contact surfaces will be disinfected every hour.
  • Sanitizing stations are distributed across the building and students will be encouraged to use them regularly.
  • Teachers will ensure that students will stay 1.5m apart at all the times and in any location in school.

A detailed Parent Guide will be shared will all parents very soon and will contain clear and detailed information on what to expect when schools reopen.