Emirates National Schools requires all students to earn 60 Carnegie Unit Credits, in four years of high school, for graduation to receive their American High School Diploma. Each year, ENS High School students take a minimum of 16 courses in core academics (Arabic, Islamic, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) and academic electives (Arts, Design Technology, Physical Education). In their final year of high school, students further demonstrate academic proficiency by completing a culminating capstone project, which is required of all students to earn an ENS diploma.

In addition to American college preparatory curriculum, ENS students have access to optional rigorous, coursework by selecting International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma courses and/or Advanced Placement (AP) College Board courses in grades eleven and twelve. Students who successfully pass IB and AP course exams will gain college/university admission with advanced candidacy status at major colleges and universities throughout the world.